Deputy Headteacher Caught Red Handed Chewing A Class 8 Girl Few Days After Completion Of KCPE Exams

A deputy Headteacher from a local primary school in Homabay County has landed into deep trouble after he was cought with a girl who had just completed her KCPE exams few days ago.

photo used for illustrations

This incident could see the deputy Headteacher rot in jail for a term not less than 25 years.

The villagers on noticing that something wasn’t right they alerted the Public Health Officer who immediately headed to the school.

On arrival the officer tried to knock the deputy’s office but no one answered, hence the officer was forced to peep through the door only to find the teacher on top of the young girl.

The Officer then immediately informed the Area chief who arrested the deputy Headteacher and the girl was taken to hospital. The deputy Headteacher is now on custody waiting for his case to be heard soon.

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