What do you think makes some people super rich and some other extremely poor in life?

Probably, you might have thought about that question a bit but you really need to come up with a clue to why Poor and Rich people’s lives differ.

In fact nature gives everyone the same opportunity of 24 hours each day and that is exactly where all the big lifestyle differences comes in.

Poverty is always attracted with less or no efforts all where else richness and success doesn’t come on silver platter. It needs efforts and struggling.

It’s undoubtedly that a poor man has intensive poor mindset whereby many of such minds only think of negative things and impossibility.

A rich mindset has ideas and always believes everything is really possible and likes to try out things.

Again, you will find a big difference on how they view life in terms of education. Rich person will spend much of his 24 hours on profitable books and relevant materials while a poor mind will go for entertainment things like watching TVs, Playing games, Sleeping or hanging out with poor mindset friends at market places. They never have time to read a book develop new ideas or skills.

Most of their earnings and spending also different. It’s really pathetic to point out this fact that a poor man will never learn about financial education and freedom. Though being so poor, they will try to play safe by either spending some little money on their basic needs and save the other big money on their non interest savings account think thinking that the money will multiply. It’s a quite embarrassing since you have to spend money daily even if you don’t invest it.

Richness comes from being able to get financial education that will enlighten you about money matters. It’s a game like.

Rich people development skills on how money is utilized well to bring profit. Either they Invest money on valuable assets or start up businesses that bring profits. They rarely save money or spend more than they earn!

Besides, it’s a really that rich people have routine. They develop and follow their daily routines so that they never waste a single minute playing lazy. They week up very early in the morning, exercise, meditate, plan the activities of day, take showers , breakfast and get ready for the work.

They work for quite long hours than a normal job employees do in a day like about 14 hours a day.

On the other hand, a poor man’s routine may either start at 8 o’clock in the morning or at 9 o’clock. No plan for the day, and they probably work only for 8 hours or less a day. Poor man will always have excuses to why they didn’t accomplish their work as planned or didn’t succeed.

So which class do you think your in between the Poor and Rich Class ?

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