Doctor In Trouble For Pregnanting Over 80 women Using His Semen Through Artificial Insemination

The world’s technology is now in another new level, as everything is possible. One of the best technology is the human artificial insemination used to impregnant women.

A man identified as Dr. Norman Barwin is now in trouble after families have filed allegations on issues concerning DNA.

The women are claiming that the Doctor has been implanting his semen in them. Two of the victims Davina and Daniel Dixon have filed a case against Barwin.

According to Darvin, she has claimed that on taking a DNA test she has realized that Barwin is the biological father of her daughter.

Davin had gone to see Barwin since she needed to be soughted with an artificial insemination using her husband’s semen, but on taking a DNA test it was discovered that her husband isn’t the biological father of their daughter.

According to investigations it has been proven that Barwin has shared his semen with over 80 women. Barwin is now waiting for his case to be heard.

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