Due To Public Demand She Has Been Forced To Open Up About Her Love Life! πŸ˜ƒπŸ₯°

Due to public demand one of the greatest song lyrics writer and a gospel musician has finally opened up about her love life.

“I am in love. And this is the mark of the best kind of relationship. It changes you. You affect each other. This is my relationship with music, it is so unique and necessary to where it guides me throughout each and everyday of my life” she puts it.

Petronilla Ayuma has been on the limelight following her super creative energy in composing amazing gospel tunes.

“The lyrics I listen to and those that I myself write relates to my life in one way or another, which might seem strange to you, but at least you can agree with me that lyrics can be analyzed in so many different ways” she added, Petronilla.

Petronilla Ayuma

Her creativity has had positive response from different artists from different corners of the world who come seeking for her skills of lyrics writing.

“I believe that I’am a very innovative and creative thinker, and I feel my character builds and strengthens me day-by-day through music” she says.

Her music career is one of a few inspiring since she can employ different styles of writing from all music genres including, Reggae, Rhumba ad other gospel music genres.

” I predominately listen to genres like reggae , rumba, pure praise and worship beats among other beats. The rhythm, the melodies, the tunes and smoothness of the song and lyrics help me on a personal level” Petronilla describes her style.

She continues saying; “And I put each lyric into a perspective similar to my life and in some cases it rectifies or resolves some of my problems”.

Being an analytical thinker has helped her develop her personality for the better and made her stronger as a person.

“I could go on and on about music because it’s such a huge part of my life. I love music so much, and I’m currently writing a number of songs in the album “SONG OF MY HEART” pertaining to my life on a personal level in regard to the wonders and miracles of Jesus Christ upon me” she added.

Here is the lyrics video of ‘Song Of My Heart’ which part of her coming soon music album. Have a watch!

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