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Effects of joblessness in Kenya

The dream of every university student is to graduate and finally get a job soon. However, more often than not, this is not the case . Many have to tarmac for some period of time before getting their ultimate job.Those who do not find their dream job end up sad and heartbroken.

This is the exact story of Michael Kibet , a first class honour graduate in ICT from Nandi. Felix graduated from JKUAT.The frustration from not getting a job led to him commiting suicide. This was a big blow to his family.Michael got an A in his KCSE giving him a chance to pursue ICT in JKUAT.

Michael committed suicide in his brother’s home . The area chief confirmed the incident saying that kibet probably expected a job right away after graduating.The disappointment from the harsh job market left him in sadness and in deep stress, prompting him to sake the action.

Michael lived with his mum who was a single parent.The family said that they were shocked by the incident since Michael was an outspoken man who always let his family know when he had issues. He was also a vibrant and respectable young man in his village.

His body has since been moved to Samaritan Funeral Home, awaiting his burial on Friday 9th June 2023.

Leaders have asked the upcoming generation to always speak out to their closest friends whenever they have issues to avoid such incidents.

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