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Ex Treasury official Tom osinde’s body has finally been found in migori county. His body was found in river Kuja days ago but the detectives did not know it was him . The family has confirmed his body which has been in the mortuary for days.

The official went missing two weeks ago after he left his Nakuru home. Three of his workers in his home have been arrested to aid in investigations on what transpired before he went missing.

His driver is the key suspect. He is reported to have travelled back to his village in nyamira county while in Osinde’s car ,a land cruiser V8.

He slept in the village in his parents home. Residents say he is known to be a notorious man , as he left the village three years ago not to be seen again. He once threatened his own biological mother with a machete after she stopped him from selling the family land .

He on the following day went to the car wash to wash the car. He told the attendants to only wash the exterior parts only as it was not dirty in its interior.

He then met his friends in a hotel and bought breakfast for them as they shared stories.He would later leave the village without bidding goodbye to neither his family nor friends.

He drove the vehicle to kilgoris where security officers found it vandalized.

Residents say it was unusual to see him in the village. He however told them that the vehicle belonged to his boss and had sent him and he decided to pass by his home.

Police officers have also found polythene bags that are suspected to have been used to choke Osinde before his death.

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