Why Food Colour Dyes Are Leading You To An Early Grave

Food Colour dyes are chemical substances that were developed to enhance the appearance of food by giving it artificial color. Some of the food Colour dyes that are commonly used include: Erythrosine(Cherry-red), Allura red(dark red), Tatrazine(lemon yellow), Sunset yellow (Orange yellow), Brilliant blue(greenish-blue) and Indigo Camine(blue dye).

Food Colour dyes

Some of the harmful effects of Food Colour dyes are discussed below.

Food Colour dyes can increase inflammation and disrupts the functioning of the immune system. Taking of food Colour dyes can cause an inflammatory response in the body, which leads to activation of the immune system. The artificial dyes also contain small molecules, which can attach to proteins in our bodies which disrupts the immune system.

Food Colour dyes contain cancer causing toxic contaminants. Some food Colour dyes contain harmful substances such as aminoazobenzene, benzidine, carcinogens and many other toxic contaminants that can cause cancer.

Food Colour dyes

Food colour dyes may cause cancerous tumor development, some of the most commonly used food dyes are linked to many different forms of cancer. Food Colour dyes have been proven to cause hypersensitivity, especially in children, this is according to the studies that were done.

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