Foods That Can Improve A Man’ Erection

Due to age or some illness men can experience challenges in maintaining a steady and healthy erection.

For one to continue having a steady and strong erection he needs to look carefully at his diet.

Their are some foods that can physically damage a man’s penis erection, while other foods can improve a man’s penis erection.

To maintain a healthy erection you need certain foods, most precisely they are fruits. One of the best fruits that can Improve a man’s fertility are bananas, this Bananas contain testosterone which is very essential in improving a man’s sex derive ability.

The Bananas can also increase the pumping of blood to the penis, hence one gets hard on easily.

One can also take watermelons, since they have been scientifically proven to improve a man’s erection.

Other foods that can improve the health of a man’s erection include : groundnuts, peanuts, pumpkins and many others.

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