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Forget About Bahati Kenyan Music Game Changer Revealed!🔥

Kenyan music industry it’s getting a new and fresh turning point, how?!

Look at the efforts the young generation are investing in the industry. Can’t you see a change? Oh yes!

Davy Dee and Bahati

It’s time to wake up and support our young talents since they are the future we want to achieve. Speaking of that, Mitego Sasa is delighted to let you know about this young soul full of Grace from the heavens.

Davy Dee on a live interview with Mitego Sasa admitted that Kenyan music industry is going through a revolution. This is a positive change in the game!

This energetic Kenyan singer is pure a gospel music artist with anointing a superb passion on his craft .

While on the interview Davy Dee made this remarks,
“It’s my time to sing prophetic with fresh Anointing and more Grace. Let me prophecy now…Leo Tutapata Uzima? Kesho Tutapata Kazi,Kesho Tutapata Nyumba Maana Kunamwana Amezaliwa”.

Some of his grate music tunes are on his YouTube channel.

Enjoy his latest music dubbed Maria via link below;

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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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