Former Kiambu Governor, Ferdinard Waititu collapses at home💔😱😱

Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu did not avail himself today, on Monday 5th June 2023 for the corruption case against him.Waititu was impeached from his seat foer an alledged corruption alongside his wife. He is battling a a sh588 million graft case.

Waititu collapsed while at home on sunday 4th June and was rushed to Aga Khan hospital where he is receiving treatment. His lawyer John Swaka explained this to the court.He also explained that his wife could not also avail herself to court as she was attending to her husband in hospital.

He told the court that he could give further information about the heath status of his client as he received the bad news about hisclient on Monday morning.As such, the hearing could not proceed . Twenty seven witnesses have given their evidence regarding the case, with two more to go.

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