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3 Funny Names That You Should Stop Calling Your Lover!😫

Why is love dying in your relationship? Maybe there is one thing not done appropriately.

Then what is it? Just with names we can find , create or destroy relationship.

Names have vital power in any relationship between human beings. How do you call your lover?

Some pep have a bad habit of yelling to their loved ones even calling them by silly unfamiliar names. This has lead numerous people Single. Please watch out before it’s too late.

Below is a list of some funny names you should consider to avoid by all means in order to see a positive change in your relationship with your lover.

1. Wewe- Never again call your lover using this Swahili word ‘wewe’ which simply means You! It’s not a sexy way to call your lover .

2. Sh!sh! – This is commonly used word by mane people who don’t the real names of the person they want to call. This sounds awkward to start calling anyone with this word. Avoid!

3. Hey- Nevertheless, the word hey has been employed so much in conversations nowadays than ever before. How can you call me ‘Hey’? It’s not okey you only need to approach me and express your concerns to me. Simple!

Kindly check and improve on your communication skills.

What do you think?

Written by Antony Mckenzy

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