Ghetto Life Chronicles🙆‍♂️🔥🔥

Ghetto life is in most times a hard life.The people living there are below the poverty line. They live in areas whose conditions are unbearable.

Nicole Atieno recalls her life back then. She is a reformed gangster who has now set up a legal business in Nairobi.
Nicole grew up in the slums with her mother and eight siblings.She is the third born in the family of eight. Her elder sisters got married while she was still young.She was left with the sole responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings.

Her mother was strict and would at many times beat her. She used to hawk fish along the road, a job which Nicole helped her after leaving school. However school fees became an issue.She was sent back home many times . A local church helped her raise school fees.

She explained on Shajara Friday 16 June that she only had one meal a day;supper. Surviving school was difficult for her while hungry so she resorted to stealing food from her classmates .They later realized and opted to be going lunch from home.

Her strict mother did not entertain her friends.She often drove them out when she found them in her house. Nicole found comfort in one of her make friends who got her pregnant and dumped her, while in class eight.

She gave birth and ran away from home since her mother cared less.she went to her friend kelvin who introduced her to crime . He instructed her to find two other girls who would help her carry guns.

She found them and her first business brought ksh 5000 which was big money then .She went to Embakasi girls while still practicing crime and no one suspected it.Most of her crew members were gunned down by police officers while in action.

Her last incident saw two of her crew members get gunned down in front of her eyes . The gang came to get her from school in the name of her sick child.The principal agreed to give her permission.They then gave her the plan but she was reluctant about it. She vowed it was the last incident if she would survive.

Unfortunately after performing the execution, the two men she was in company with lost their lives. She vowed never to return to crime.she quit. Nicole now asks the young generation in crime to make their own personal decision to stop such activities.

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