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Give me back my land❗️Moi’s sister in law fights for 51 acres of land

A woman named Ms Emily Chesang has gone to court to challenge a ruling by the the Land and environment court judge to take away her land to Moi’s family.

Emily , is a cousin to the late Lena Moi, president Moi’s wife .According to her, the 51acre land in question was given to her by her cousin beacause she took care of her while she was ill. However, she was later kicked out by the Family in 2020.The court would later rule in favour of the influential family.

Emily explained that she was unaware of the court proceedings as she was not informed . Moreover, she was shocked that the case had been moved from an eldoret court to a Nakuru court, without her consent.Her evidence also disappeared from her files keeping her at a disadvantaged position in court.

The court affirmed that Jonathan Moi, president Moi’s son was the legitimate owner of the farm since 2007.She says that she and her family have been subjected to torture.She confidently said that if given ample time she can prove to the court that she owns the land

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