How Oral Sex Causes This Dangerous STi And Eventually Leads To Throat Cancer

Oral sex is the act of liking, sucking or kissing genital organs. Research shows that oral sex can increase chances of one getting throat cancer. Most may argue that this isn’t true, but they will learn this after their throats start swelling.

photo courtesy of throat cancer

Oral sex doesn’t directly lead to throat cancer but it leads to a sexually transmitted infection that makes the throat vulnerable to throat cancer.

This disease is called Human Papillomavirus, and it is transmitted through oral sex. Though this disease is sexually transmitted you can get it through skin to skin contact.

This means anal sex and oral sex can cause this disease. This STI causes genital warts and warts inside the throat, and this warts make the throat vulnerable to throat cancer, since the disease can change cells to pre-cancerous cells that cause cancer.

Researchers have proven that a huge percentage of people with Human Papillomavirus have throat cancer.

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