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Fomer vice president kalonzo Musyoka has raised in his eyebrows on the fact that his counterpart Raila Odinga has lost his presidential bid in three consecutive elections.

Kalonzo questioned how Raila’s votes could be stolen for all the three times.He spoke this on june 13 while presiding over a dormitory opening ceremony in mwimbini secondary school.

Raila vied for the presidency in the 2013 and 2017 general election but lost to former president Uhuru Kenyatta alongside William Ruto in both. He also lost in the recent 2022 general elections to the current president William Ruto.

Kalonzo questioned on how despite changing the strategies they ultimately lost . He Wondered how despite bringing Martha Karua to bring votes from Mount Kenya region and those of women voters ,they still never succeeded.

He continued to support the the mass action plotted by the Azimio team should the finance bill 2023 be passed by the members of Parliament.He said that the protests were in good faith fighting for kenya’s justice.

According to him, he said that they never targeted street protests. All they were interested in is justice. He argued saying that he himself participated in the mass protests irregardless of his age.

Kalonzo however said that Raila was a good man and had Kenyan’s interests at heart. He always sought justice for Kenyans.

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