Meet Brandon Lee The Son Of Bruce Lee Who Was Shot Dead During A Movie Scene

Brandon Lee whose real name was Brandon Bruce Lee was the son of the martial art legend Bruce Lee.

Brandon Lee was born on February 1, 1965 California. His mother and father were of Chinese origin, but he acquired American citizenship since his mother moved to America when his father died and he had lived in America and grew up there.

His father died in the year 1973, but he will be always remembered by many due to his unbelievable martial arts skills. Brandon Lee was an actor, a martial artist, fighter and a choreographer.

Brandon Lee decided to follow the footsteps of his father and made his debut in acting at the age of 21 in the year 1986 in a movie called Legacy Rage. Brandon Lee got married to a beautiful lady by the name Eliza Hatton in the year 1990.

He later made his breakthrough in the Hollywood industry in April 1991 when he was given a role to play as his father in the Biopic Dragon, but later on he turned the role down finding it awkward to play his father. On 31st March Brandon Lee was accidentally shot when he was shooting a movie called The crow.

A bullet entered Brandon Lee’s abdomen and lodged in his spine, fatally wounding him. He died hours later of internal injuries, blood loss and heart failure.

Some of the best movies for Brandon Lee include Showdown in little Tokyo, Rapid fire, Legacy of rage and Laster mission.

Brandon Lee died before completing his movie called The crow, his father also died before completing a movie by the name Game of Death.

This two happenings of both the son and father shocked many people.

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