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How To Know If He Loves You !🥰

My dear sister never let your heart burst out because you are so keen asking your man happy ad he doesn’t reciprocate the same love.

How do you tell if your guy just pretends to be in love you ?

It’s easy to learn that by the way of his actions over his words.

Below are three major things that can hint you that the man really plays a a game with your heart feelings.

1. His Phone; Your real man who really cares and loves you will never get nervous when you (girlfriend) handles his phone. Either you answer his phone calls, chat his friends on WhatsApp, Text message and such other social media platforms.

2. His House : Your man’s place should be your place and no compromise. Do you get schedules on when to come to visit him? That’s an alert that the guy plays you with other ladies when you are not around and you have to inform him when you are about to visit him. Infact, you should have a key to his house and be free to visit there anytime and any day.

3. His Money: My dear sister, his money his his sweet of hard work, but that shouldn’t be the reason to why you should fall in love with him at first place. You should also work hard to get your money and also help him elevate your lives together as a family.

Don’t be a lady lady who depends on his hard gain money, you will be a parasite to him not a girlfriend! Sorry 😢!!

Be the lady who can also help him with a word of advice not just offer him sex and p*ssy !

What do you think?

Written by Antony Mckenzy

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