How To Know Whether A Lady Is Sweet!

Hey men how do you figure to know that your girlfriend is sweet? First ask or find out whether she eats Pawpaw fruit.

Probably most men will just look at the figure of lady and make assumptions that she is hot and sweet.

Anyway, you not far from the truth since ‘Seeing Is Believing’.

Any woman who is sweet as such should be a good health person who puts first her health issues.

Its said that Papaya or Pawpaw can make a woman more admirable by any man because of its health benefits.

A papaya is good for a clean skin,smooth looking and light skin, reduces pimples and wrinkles especially its seeds.

Papaya leaves can be used to lower diabetes or high blood pressure.

So any woman who uses a Papaya might be sweet as it tests and will have smart looking body that attracts men.

But it’s not advisable to eat Papaya before child birth or after birth since it’s poisonous for a pregnancy woman.

A Papaya will make your woman sear health babies and beautiful looking kids.

Again, a Pawpaw has antioxidants that help reduce oxidation of cholesterol in human body hence reduces heart disease and high rate.

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