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Hustle Hard – RB ft Young Jay (Official Music) Download!

Kenya has got real talent that has never been unleashed.

Hip Hop music industry is propagating at high speed and young talents evolving in daily basis .


Kenyan Hip Hop upraised star RB spoke to Mitego Sasa about his music career and new projects. He trends with new music collabo dubbed Hustle Hard featuring Young Jay. Hi This is what he had to say;

“It’s a hip-hop song by RB ft Young Jay called hustle hard. The song stresses on the need to hustle and work hard nonstop and never give up no matter until one achieves their goals. Also the song talks bout the issue of living your own life at your own pace without making comparisons. And to remain focused in life aiming higher and having no negative energy. One should believe in themselves trusting the progress coz someday things surely gonna change”

He urged his music lovers to stay tuned since soon is launching new projects that are set to be of high quality and of different level. Are you ready?? 👏🔥

Click link below to watch.

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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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