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‘I am well now,’President Museveni confirms🥳🥳

president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has constantly been giving information  regarding his health after contracting covid 19. He said that he has been receiving  specialized care in his home. 

He said that he is now only home grounded and not  bed ridden. He said that his condition has been improving day by day.Museveni said that this gave him  a chance to familiarise with his paperwork. By following  the covid 19 regulations , he stated that he will soon be well.

Museveni said that his wife mama janet however tested negative for the covid 19 stating that she is immune areason for which hr thanked the Lord for.

Ugandans spread quick recovery wishes  to the president online. Museveni apprfeciate  his nation men for their wishes. There were suspicions that Museveni might have been poinsoned after failing to honour the wish of foreign counties to allow the LGBTQ  rights.His case was a similar to Tanzanian president President magufuli who also got  into a confrontation  with the western nations.

Museveni never leagalised the LGBTQ rights  but instead prohibited it with a penalty  of death or imprisonment. he was criticized by the western nations for his stern actions.

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