I only wanted to brag in this police uniform🙃😭😭

A Nairobi court has convicted Augustine Muema , who has been accused of obtaining a police uniform illegally and using it to harass members of the public.

Augustine however pleaded guilty in the case. He explained that he was asked by his friend to go and pick a parcel for him from the stage.He picked it and decided to open it. It was then that he saw it was a police uniform.

He wore the uniform and asked one person to take a photo of him in the uniform.Augustine said that he only did that so that he could brag to his family members.Be said he never knew it was a crime.

The court was told that Muema was found in possession of Barretts with badge and blue jackets with a NPS logo.Muema asked the court to hear his side of the story before sentencing.

The court however convicted him on the account of him pleading guilty as the case awaits mentioning on June 23 2023.

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