Iconic Kenyan Throwback Songs Paying Tribute To The Matatu Culture & Industry

Iconic Kenyan Songs Paying Tribute To The Matatu Culture & Industry

Keyan Girl.

Legendary Dancehall Kenyan urban group Necessary Noize which comprised of members Nazizi and Wyre released the classic tune Kenyan Girl /Boy the early 2000’s the song follows the two as they narrate thier experiences in Kenya with Kenyan Guys and Ladies paying tribute to all the matatu’s that ply the Nairobi and It’s environs by mentioning thier particular number routes which are still in operational to this date.The song. Music video was also shot in a Matatu terminus which Further fueled the song prominence and still remain relatable to this day.

Necessary Noize 2000 Smash hit

Mat Za Ronga.

Rongai based Rapper Tunji released ‘Matatu Za Ronga’ in 2018 , the song went and caught traction which led to a remix featuring Khaligraph Jones . In the song Tunji pays homage to Rongai Towns reknown Matatus which are known for their iconic colourfull grafiti , blaring music and other features such having WiFi, VIP seats and DJ booths , Khaligraph Jones on the other hand paid tribute to all the matatu’s in Nairobi and thier iconic stages and advising the mass on how to conduct yourself when traveling inthem as well. The songs music video also featured some of the Matatu’s mentioned in the song leading to the song to become among the biggest rap hits in 2018


The Gengetone song was a collaboration between Gwaash & 34 Gang and producer Hitman Khat was released in 2019, known for it’s catchy hook and word play which had a twisted meaning reffering to the act of Matatu carrying passengers ‘Wabebe’ and also how they were sweeping ladies off thier feet . The song music video also was also set around the Matatu themed featured thier hoods Matatu’s as well , this has led to Wabebe becoming among the most recognised Gengetone song to this day .

Wabebe Hitmakers

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