Inside The Shakahola Cult😶😳😳Truth revealed on what really happened from the start😱🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

Recent news from  the Shakahola cult leader have shocked many. It is alleged  that the cult leader, Paul Mackenzie dignified  and gave praise to the deaths thereby exploiting his followers. He regarded those who had died as heroes, sensitizing his members that the end times had come. Mackenzie was stern and didn’t allow his members to socialize with the outside world, to avoid any influence.

More information revealed that Pastor Mackenzie supervised the burials terming them as wedding ceremonies. This was  after the followers were starved to death. He encouraged more members to continue fasting to death so as to see God. Pastor Mackenzie led the Good News International church. An affidavit filed before Shanzu Law courts further expounds this.

Members who have been questioned by the police said that Mackenzie introduced a hierarchy, with him being the highest person. The members he trusted reported to him . according to them , children and women began fasting  with men being the last in last in the list After  they died , his juniors called him to preside over their burials.

However, Mackenzie still maintains his innocense and says anything happening to him is nothing but tribulations.He believes  that Jesus Christ will liberate him. He claims that  he has nothing to do with the deaths in Shakahola.He said this when he was arraigned in the Shanzu Law Courts.

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