Integrity Or Degree Politics Kenya!?πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

My take on degree requirements.Yes they say readers are leaders,but why is it that leaders aren’t readers?

Why lock out those with diploma yet they have integrity which many of those degree holders lack?

Grassroots positions should be given to those with leadership skills despite the fact that they don’t have degrees.

Those with degrees of late changed our 844 system by subjecting us to the CBC.They are urging us to study so that we can have a better life in future yet they are doing nothing constructive towards job creation.
Making those who have managed to get diploma not to further their studies due to financial constraints,no job without connections yet those at the helm are degree holders who are very corrupt.

When the deputy president was empowering the youths with “mikokoteni,” I saw the likes of babu Owino rebuking him,go to the ghetto,have a one on one talk with a guy who supplies water using mkokoteni,you will realize that with the mkokoteni,a vast number of youths have no time to engage in criminal activities,they are busy hence not idle.

Babu Owino is a youth who has made the life of our fellow youth be at a standstill,by shooting dj evolve,he made him not to be at peace.

Those in authority should give integrity a first priority,leadership is not all about papers.
Am happy my friend,the president KUSO,one Antony Manyara has a pettitioned on the same,let me hope that our law makers won’t fear facing the reality,the subject in question must be listened to keenly.
Hata jamaa ya nduthi can lead,alaa.

Disclaimer Notice! The above political views and opinions are solely part of the author but not the website MITEGO SASA. Kindly base your decision and recommendations upon the authors opinions. Thank You!

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