Kenya Kwanza Politicians Have Urged The US Ambassador To Give LGBTQ Members Visas’ And Enough Sercurity

Following the Supreme Court ruling that allowed members of the LGBTQ Community to be registered as a Non-Govermental organisation, there has been criticism from Kenyans on the judiciary across both sides of the political divide on equal measure.

Some have even accused the incumbent Head of State President William Ruto of being behind the judiciary decision after his government received Ksh 16 billion grant from the USA to feed the hungry and counter the effects of drought that hit hard the country.

The US ambassador Meg Whitman few days ago revealed to have been holding high profile private meetings with the members of the LGBTQ community to discuss matters relating to their human rights.

However, one of the Kenya Kwanza allied political bigwigs Irungu Nyakera has broken his silence and responded to the US ambassador claiming that all LGBTQ members should be taken to America for their safety.

“Madam Ambassador, on this I agree with you 100%. Kenya is too dangerous for the LGBTQ community.

Please find ways to get them refugee visas to America where their safety will be guaranteed. We thank you!”

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