Ladies Don’t Date This Type Of Men Who Can’t Afford This! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜»

Ladies fake care out there whenever you feel like you need a man to date or hang out with.

Some men nowadays have exposed their inability and carelessness towards our beautiful sisters in today’s world.

If you can find a man who can truly spoil you with love and expensive picnics it’s already, but don’t pressure him if he is incapable of doing such stuffs to you.

Ladies have their demands when it comes to dating. Not only they seek for love but also to be spoiled with just small an inexpensive goodies like,Gifts, Outings among others.

Ladies please don’t date these kind of men who can’t afford these;

TIME – If you find yourself dating a guy who doesn’t have Time for You, please stop. It’s a sign of no Love. The guy must create time for your love it doesn’t matter how busy he is since love is powerful than anything else..

GIFTS – You man should always surprise you with new gifts occasionally. True love has no definition and only simple stuffs can be used as a way to define Love. Gifts like Smart Phone, Panty, Dress etc

OUTING – Some men won’t take their women out to chill out and change their environment. It’s due to their habits not just because they are broke.

If he can’t afford to struggle for simple chill out date, it’s a sign of he doesn’t care or interested with you.

FAMILY – This is one of the most important part. If you date a man for more than than two months and he doesn’t talk about getting you to his home for introducing you to this parents, then it’s a red flag that you are not his type.

Get into that relationship with an open third eye and you will notice many small differences that will make you understand the type of a man you want to have as your partner!😘

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