Daughter In-Law Bites Privates Parts Of Her Father In-Law (BUNGOMA)

Incidents of family conflicts in the country have been on the rise with many people suffering serious injuries and others losing their lives in the process as per the reports that we have with us.

The government has always stressed the need for Kenyans to ensure that they seek professional help whenever they feel overwhelmed or in situations that are hard to get out of.

This afternoon, according to the available reliable reports that we have with us from Bungoma County, a 78 year old man is nursing serious injuries after being bitten by his daughter in law.

The man has said that he heard a commotion that was involving his daughter in law by the road and went to check what was happening but the daughter in law turned on him.

The man says that in the process of asking his daughter in law to stop the commotion and get back to the house, she started attacking him.

This is when she held on to his trousers and bit him on his privates as per the reports that we have with us this afternoon from the man who has narrated the ordeal to the press.

The lady then went ahead and started burning her husband’s belongings and attempted to take the life of their child as per the reports that we have with us.

Police were able to intervene in time and save the child from the hands of the mother who was hell bent on taking the life of the child.

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