Lady disappears after visiting her KDF lover🙃💔

Emmanuel, the boyfriend to the 28 – year – old Resy Ayuma who went Missing on Sunday may 14 has finally spoken.Emmanuel says that Ayuma had dumped her KDF boyfriend for his. Emmanuel says that before she went missing, she had visited him in Mukuru kwa Njenga.

Emmanuel explained that he had communicated with his girlfriend in the morning of that fateful day.He said that she was often communicating to someone who was asking of her location. He explained that Resy informed the person that she was on her way. However, he never bothered to ask if it was a he or a she.

He further said that he had gotten into a confrontation with her on that morning since he had not bought her lotion.When he could not reach her on phone, he thought she was still mad at him and she had blocked him.He never bothered much with the hope she would still come around .He was not sure whether he had gone back to his KDF boyfriend or not.

The family explains that her phone went off on the similar day she Emmanuel still hopes to find Ayuma safe and sound.The family has recorded a statement at Villa police station regarding her sudden disappearance.

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