Latimare's Open Letter Seeks Advice After A Marriage Scum!


Today we have gotten an open letter addressed for the public in order to give advice for this our brother and Kenyan musician named Latimare.

He is hot upraising singer and song writer who majors in secular music.

I’m his open letter he wrote;

“I’m Latimare a Kenyan bongo fleva musician and have been in the industry for almost  three years.

In my music journey, i have really encountered alot some strange and disappointing situations and other encouraging situations.

Being a musician I have been much busy with my life and have had little time to spend with my family even to get a word of advice from them.

In my career I really feel so stressed after have been played a very serious trick by a woman I had loved.

I got in love relationship with one amazing hot looking and sexy girl last year. We share alot together and we have had serious love affairs to a point where we decided to tie the knot.

Now, after we had planned very many things to do with starting our family with my ‘Angel’, I later came to learn that was a very serious mind game.

I had planned and paid for a big church wedding requirements and now I’m shocked and depressed not knowing where to start from since this incidence occurred to me.

I have been trying to find her we talk more on what  to do about that situation but no where to be seen.  I’m getting sleepless nights since she has disappeared with my vital documents and some details and again my money is getting lost from the wedding preparations we had started.

 So please Chatuu, I seek a very sincere advice from the public to help me get out this trap and will really appreciate your support.”

That is the Letter from Latimare asking for your advice as his fan or a stakeholder for his music.

So let’s hear your advice to him concerning that particular situation is facing currently.

Comment your Advice below kindly!

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