Money Making Skills!

The skills to attract knowledge that can be turned to Million dollars are pretty simple!

Have you wondered how some men and women make huge wealth over a short period of time?!

This isn’t a rocket science but it practically a experimental way of making things happen.

First and foremost is ability to learn listen. When you will need to be a good person who can really change your life in a while, you must have a skill of listening before you open wide your mouth to speak.

Develop the skill over time and your surround yourself with great men who have achievements in life. Such people will develop your thinking capacity and altitude hence see life completely different from a positive perspective.

As you listen, find to ask good questions that can help you clear your doubts over a certain issues you might be interested to know more about.

Learn and gain knowledge from their ideas about particular issues that they use to making more money.

Secondly, you should start Paying yourself first. This will help you feel more motivated and dedicated to work more to get more. The idea here is to be able to make wise decisions on whatever achievement too make, consider to appreciate your own efforts first before you make a step of acknowledging others input to your business. Again, pay off all big and small debts that might turn to be a barrier to your goals and start growing your net worthy.

To be able to make great wealthy you also need to know how to spend well. Have a a clear written budget that will guide you through out the year. Rich people buy Luxuries at Last not at First. But Poor people does the opposite.

Many people who are filthy rich have a certain ways they conduct themselves. They know how to control their emotions. Once your learn this skill, you will never be a fool again and will have a better ways of spending your money rather than spend out silly emotions ending up Lossing it all.

Furthermore, a very key issues here you ought to know is how to reduce your expenses and liabilities. Such things end up making a rich person very poor indeed. It’s said, a fool with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.

How do you go about this issue?

Ok, First step is making sure you pay off all your debts of things like, School education loans, credit cards, car loans among others.

A very rich dad of a particular celebrity once made it clear that, for him to make his billions in a just 2 years time span, he operated in a 5Hours rule.

What does that rule say?

The 5 hours Rule requires one to spend five hours in a week to deliberately learn a skill from reading good profitable books. This mean every day , you spend at least an hour to learn a skill and read a book. For you to be a rich person, self education is a key. Then work to learn but not work for money.

Once you make your good income from your business or work, learn to reinvest the excess money you get as profit. This will enable you to multiply your income streams hence get rich over short time.

Finally be able to surround yourself with great people with vision over television. People who ever think big and will truly transform you positively and affect your future a more brighter way than ever before.

This is true theory that, a fish in a water pond will grow only 5 inches but a fish a the Sea will grow 15 feet’s or more. This is simply because, one can’t outgrow it’s environment surrounding it since a pond is typically small with less water than in a Sea.

This also applies to real life, when you surrounding yourself with small minded people, you get less ideas than when around great thinkers and successful figures.

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