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A journalist Zipporah Achieng will forever remain a witness to president William Ruto’s mum,Sarah samoei’s love.

Sarah aged 81 left many mouths agape in an event on Thursday June 22 during an even in Uansigishu county. Sarah had joined other residents from the county in a ceremony meant to issue over 500 title deeds to the residents.

Zipporah was clad in a short grey dress operating her camera as her usual.Mama Sarah stood from her seat to zipporah’s direction.The young journalist had the least of knowledge on what was to happen next. Mama Sarah simply wrapped a Maasai shuka round the journalist waist to cover her lower body .The dignitaries were left dumbfounded.

Mama Sarah then took her turn and went back to her seat.This was a pure expression of her motherly love to the young journalist.

It was when Zipporah realized the attention her dressing code would have caused.She swiftly left the event in the shuka round her body leaving her camera. Some thought that she angered by the turn of events and decided to leave.

 She was however back after some minutes now wearing a blue trouser. She walked to the main dias and embrassed mama Sarah for her concern towards her . The two smiled each other after which Sarah walked back to her camera to make sure the viewers got the cleanest shot  of every event.

Mama Sarah later addressed the issue while giving her speech. She explained that she was concerned about her “granddaughter” would have a difficult time when bending if incase  something dropped off from her camera.she reason that the Maasai shuka would help her a lot hence her action.

Kenyans have hailed her for her kind gesture rather than scolding her. Her warm motherly love melted many people’s hearts.

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