Man Kills A Lion With His Own Hands In Uganda

we all know how dangerous a Lion is, and no man can dare to fight a Lion single handedly. One needs a powerful weapon such as a gun to kill a Lion.

Not even the world’s strongest man can dare to fight a Lion single handedly without using a weapon.

A middle aged man from Uganda has shocked many after he wrestled with a Lion, the man from Kagadi Uganda managed to kill the Lion after wrestling with the Lion.

The man was also injured by the Lion, but he was taken to hospital and now he his in a perfect state.

The man has set a record that no one has ever managed to, by killing a Lion with his own bear hands.

The man has set a record that will be forever remembered by the people of Uganda. The man needs to be recognized in the Guinness book of records.

What he has done is just unbelievable, his name should be included in the world book of records.

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Photo Courtesy of the incident

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