‘My Wife Tricked Me Into Drinking Alcohol And Later Brought A Man On Our Matrimonial Bed To Sleep With Her After I Fell A Sleep’ Man Narrates

James Jenga from Naivasha narrated how his wife tricked him into drinking alcohol and later took a man on their matrimonial bed to sleep with her after falling asleep.

He was born and brought up in Mathare slums. He didn’t attend school after his father died. He became a street child.

He could collect scrap metals and sell them to earn money to be able to buy food.

When he was 22 years, he met a young girl who was also on the streets.

They decided to get married but rented a small house in the ghetto. They sired 4 children together. His wife started selling illicit brews.

One day she took the alcohol to him. He had not eaten anything and when he finished it he was drunk and fell asleep.

His wife took another man on their matrimonial bed and they slept together the whole night.

At 5 am, he asked his wife who the man was, but they both started beating him up. She packed her belongings and left together with the children.

He was left alone in an empty house. One of his brothers took him to Naivasha where he now stays.

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Written by mind2023

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