Meet A Congolese Woman Who Is Married To Two Men

A Congolese woman identified as Jeancy has caused stir online after she decided to reveal to the public that she is a wife to 2 husbands and they are all living in the same house, on the same bed.

Speaking in an interview with Afrimax, Jeancy said that it wasn’t her wish to have two husbands, the situation forced her to do so.

She said that, she was first happily married to one man, but the man all over sudden disappeared. He disappeared for 3 and half years. So during that time she thought her first husband had died , hence she decided to marry the second man.

So after staying with the man for sometime, her first husband all over sudden returned home.

It was a very confusing situation because she loves both of them and she had sired kids with each of them. Therefore it was difficult to reject any of them .

Jeancy therefore decided to be a wife to all of them. At first , her first husband was very angry but after having a conversation with the second husband, he realised that if he chase the man, the man has no place to go.

So the two mutually agreed, to have Jeancy as there wife. They are now in a poliantry marriage. It is not easy.

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Written by mind2023

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