Meet A Woman Who Is Married To Seven Men

A woman with seven husband’s? We have heard stories of men with several wives but not the vice versa.

Now here is a woman with seven husbands and she said that she has built each one of them a house.

The Woman said that marrying each one of them, was an instruction from her spiritual elders. She saw each one in a vision before meeting them, and that makes it easier to convince them to marry her.

In the video circulating on social media, she said that she is the one who decides on where to go when it comes to love making, and that she has a timetable which guides her.

She satisfies them all and no one can dare to cheat on her since her spirit would inform her.

She also added that, the number of husbands might go higher if the spirits instructs her to marry another one.

On the side of the men, their appearance on the video seems to co-exist peacefully. They even confirmed of their love for her since she provides everything and still satisfy their needs fully.

What do you think?

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