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Meet the Driver who blocked President Ruto’s motorcade🙆‍♂️

David Mulunda has a unique story to tell after his car broke down on the the road the President’s motorcade was expected to use.David is a taxi driver and was busy with about his day when the incident happened.

David was on forest road when his tyre Burst . He went out to check on the condition of his car and was meant by a motorcycle related to the president’s motorcade asking him to get his vehicle off the road.

David said that he did not have any prior knowledge that the president was about to use the road.Ruto was headed to Safari park hotel for the Annual national prayer day .He narrated that the police searched his car suspecting that he had an Ill motive targeting the president.

More officers came and helped to push his car to allow the motorcade pass.They later called the police from pangani police station to continue with the investigation.He was investigated for approximately an hour but found him Innocent.He was thereafter released and went to mend his tyre.

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