Meet Young Socialite And Entrepreneur Who Has Made It Via Social Media! βœ¨πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ

Today, MITEGO SASA Lifestyle and Fashion features a Tanzanian entrepreneur and a socialite whose role is to champion for social media development.

The world has improved the technology, and the technology has changed the world.

Do you think social media has help you to shape your life and bring positive development in your life or the society?

Jesca Wilfredy is a sexy looking socialite and an entrepreneur from Tanzania with a store for women and men clothing.

Being a young woman, Jesca has been on the forefront to helping young ladies to understand the better usage of social media platforms for their advantage.

She has been teaching them on how to bring positive contribution to society since internet has made things easy because of connecting different people in different locations to share ideas online .

She has managed to influence more people into her business ‘Black Chagga Fashion’ and she believes that she can achieve anything she would like through social media.

“My biggest dream is to help young ladies to be able to be self independent in order to bring positive development in their community” said Jesca.

Nevertheless, she pointed out that the role as socialite and an entrepreneur has its own challenges because many people don’t believe that a young lady as she is capable of achieving big goals in life . She believes she has all the potential to do it and achieve all her dreams.

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