Mother Confesses How She Slept With Her Biological Son Just To Have A Child With Her Husband

A mother has admitted to having intercourse with her biological child just to have a child for her husband.

Matina Agawua, a local of Yelwata, in Nasarawa State lost her first husband to herders assault in Northern Nigeria. Her first marriage delivered a child.

She remarried a long time after the passing of her husband yet experienced issues having a youngster with her subsequent husband, Mr James.

Following six years of marriage with no kid, Matina began getting constrained by her mother by marriage and her present husband to have a kid or the marriage will be finished.

Matina’s husband took steps to take another spouse and this irritated Matina in light of the fact that she and her husband had contributed cash to fabricate the house they live in, with Matina giving a more prominent offer. It upset Matina to have another lady residing in the house she worked with her husband.

Subsequently, Matina chose to engage in sexual relations with her adolescent child from her first marriage to check whether she could have a kid for her subsequent husband.

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