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MP Peter Salasya blames Opiyo Wandayi for Finance Bill Defeat

The mumias East mp Peter salasya has accused the minority leader Opiyo wandayi as the reason as to why the finance bill passed against the wish of Azimio leaders.Salasya has faced criticism from members of the public for not appearing in the house chambers for voting.

The member of Parliament is among those who were absent during the voting. Salasya who is in Morocco said he regretted because he did not vote . He has been publicly rejecting the bill.

He said that Opiyo agreed with members from the Kenya kwanza camp to take votes on a day he knew that many Azimio leaders were absent and out of the country for official duties.He accused him saying Opiyo would have informed them so that they can postpone their trips.

Salasya wrote on his Twitter account that Opiyo was to blame for the passing of the bill. He also said that the minority leader did not mobilize the Azimio members well. 176 members voted in favour of the bill while 81 members voted against the bill .

He further said that some Azimio members wanted to show how loyal they were to baba Raila Odinga but in real sense , they were not . They were only driven by their personal interests.

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