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Nation Media Group to compensate Ksh 9 million to lawyer Danston Omari

A court in Nairobi has ordered Nation Media Group to pay renowned Lawyer Danstan Omari a sum amounting to ksh 9 million for tarnishing his name through a publication on the Daily nation newspaper.

Omari was on the publication that read ” worst public communicaters of 2021″. Senior principal Magistrate Becky cheloti gave the ruling.Omari argued that the post affected his career as he lost the clients he had in fear of loosing their cases due to his poor communication.

The lawyer revealed that he learned of the post from a WhatsApp group he was in.He said that this also ended his 10 year lecturing career at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Justice Becky in her statement said that the post affected Omari’s in that it lowered his reputation and that he was avoided by colleagues and professional lawyers.His law firm also lost a number of clients due to the post. The judge added.

Omari said that he was deeply concerned when the information got to his wife and children who questioned him.The court said that he was treated suspiciously by colleagues in the law field and particularly his students.

The court ruled that Nation media group pays Omari ksh 6 million for general damages and additional ksh 3 million for aggravated damages totaling to ksh 9 million.Moreover the court ruled Nation Media Group to publish a full copy of unconditional apology to the lawyer.

The media group has however appealed the case saying that the amount is too much against the evidence provided by the lawyer.

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