Nigerian Lady Goes Viral For Using Serviette To Takeaway Food In Restaurant! 🤣🇳🇬

A Nigerian lady resorted to using a serviette after being told in a foreign restaurant that there was no takeaway.

In a funny TikTok video, the intelligent lady quickly spread her serviette on the table and put her remaining food into it.

She checked if anyone was coming as she continued to put away the food.

Nigerian Lady

According to her, she could not afford to waste the food as it was paid for with her money.

Speaking in Yoruba while packaging her leftovers, she said the meal would be used in drinking garri when she gets home.

The clip has generated mixed reactions on social media. Many people hailed her Nigerian-ness.

Si chakula ilikuwa yake. 🤣

Photo: Screegrabs – Spellmxo (TikTok)


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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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