Jesus From Bungoma Says No One From Kisii Will Enter Heaven

Sell-declared Kenyan Jesus has given a shocking verdict regarding life after death for Christians.

While the goal for each of the 2.2 billion believers of Jesus Christ is to enter the gates of heaven on judgment day, Tongaren/Bungoma Jesus has declared that only a small fraction will see their God.

Not even a quarter of the brethren will make it to heaven – just 168,000 Christians, he said.

In Nairobi, he claims on two people will see paradise while Murang’a and Kisii will have none.

The new Jesus has caused an enormous wave, but certainly, he has become the butt of many jokes and memes.

His credibility has been put into serious question, though he says he says that is the least of his worries.

“I was made Jesus in a vision from heaven. This happened in 2009 when I was installed as Jesus,” he said in a recent interview.

Asked why he married and sired eight children unlike the Biblical Jesus, Jesus of Tongaren no one should challenge him.

At the moment, members of his New Jerusalem sect are preparing for the visitation of God himself between February 24 and 26.

His congregation submits to odd rules like never disclosing their real names. A member is strictly instructed to identify himself or herself as an angel or prophet/ess to anyone who asks their name.’

“I saw a vision from God that revealed to me that Jesus of Tongaren is the true Jesus Christ who has come back as promised in the Bible. I shared the dream with my husband and he was excited,” one of the members, Angel Rachel said.

Angel Rachel is responsible for dressing worshippers in the sect. She makes the attires without the help of a sewing machine.

Women are not allowed to enter his temple, which is in his compound with trousers or makeup, while no male member should have the mohawk hairstyle.

But who is this new Jesus?

His neighbors know him as the son of Francis and Cecilia Simiyu, both of whom died while he was a boy.

His real name is Eliud Simuyu and was of the Catholic faith in his early life.

He attended Mukuru primary school and later joined Mukuyu secondary school only to drop out in the first year to become a farmer.

His ministry started following an incident that left him hospitalized. He was hit in the head during a family feud. After he was discharged, he began building his sect.

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