“October 2020 Things Became So Hard On Me ‘Nitie Nguvu” Zion Njeri Remembers! 😒😭

Zion Njeri

The year 2020 will always be remembered by many people for many different challenges.

Some will remember how the Covid 19 pandemic paralyzed world economy, some will cry for loosing their loved ones in the pandemic.

It wasn’t really a year to be remembered for anything good other than misfortunes that dragged many lives to total darkness of calamities. Loss of jobs and accumulation death toll was the talk of every storyline in newspapers, it was so sad.

Anyway, new hope of things comes as the new year 2021 come in and yet still things aren’t well put in place since the pandemic hasn’t been fully curbed which means economy is still unsettled.

Mitego Sasa got an interest well upcoming gospel artist from Kenya who really suffered a blow after loosing her beloved mother last year October 2020.

Zion Njeri is a beautiful looking lady who has just begun her music journey and she hopes for an awful and successful music career.

The beautiful singer has already released her one debut single song called ‘Maji Ya Uzima’ which so far is gaining massive reception in different media’s and creating fan base.

Now she has set her second step forward and release another super jam dubbed ‘Nitie Nguvu’ single song that she asks for more power from God the creator of all to strengthen her in this music industry.

While on conversation with Chatuu, she put it that, “My second song is called Nitie Nguvu. Why #NitieNguvu? I lost my mum in October 2020and me being the first born I felt things have become so hard so Nitie Nguvu came in my mind because I felt I needed strength to endure everything, so I sang it out. I hope it also gives you strength in everything you’re going through” she concluded.

Below is a YouTube link to her music ‘Nitie Nguvu’. Watch her Video.

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