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Pastor McKenzie’s Quick facts!

Controversial Cult Leader Pastor Paul Mackenzie

1.Who is Pastor McKenzie? Pastor McKenzie is a Kenyan pastor, religious leader and entrepreneur.

2. What is Pastor McKenzie’s tribe? Pastor McKenzie is from the Luo tribe.

3. Who is Pastor McKenzie’s wife? Pastor McKenzie’s wife is known as Joyce Mwikamba. The duo ministers together.

4. What is Pastor McKenzie famous for? Pastor McKenzie is famous for his controversial church in Malindi.

5. Why was Pastor McKenzie arrested? Pastor McKenzie was arrested for indoctrinating his church followers into fasting to death, believing they would go to heaven.

6. Which church does Pastor McKenzie minister to? Pastor McKenzie’s church is known as Good News International Church.

7. Where does Pastor McKenzie’s family live? Pastor McKenzie’s family live in a gated compound in Migingo village. However, it is alleged that he is building another home for his family near Malindi town.

8. What is the relationship between Pastor McKenzie and Pastor Ezekiel? Pastor McKenzie and Pastor Ezekiel are linked for running almost similar churches characterized by the indoctrination of followers.

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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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