Photo: Akothee Speaks About Sleeping With Dogs!

Hey! This Kisumu Woman Yaawa will kill us ooh!

Have you ever met Boss Lady Akothee? How do you describe her from her looks?

On my personal account, I would simply say she is docile, simple, innocent lady.

Alert from her music life, Akothee is so dramatic in her lifestyle.


Boss Lady has had series of drama in her life since her childhood while a teenage girl upto her relationship with white daddy Mzungu.

Even now, Akothee still makes her fans entertained with her unending dramas.

She has posted on her Instagram how she was accused of bestially while on her relationship with her white daddy Mzungu.

“Waliniambia nilala na Mbwa za Wazungu, mpaka leo sijazaa Mbwa” wrote Akothee on her IG account.

It’s said such dramas helps her endure and thrive in the modern competitive music industry.

‘Hayakuhusu’ is her next music project anticipated to be released soon.

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