Photo: Christianity Condemned For Breeding Immorality! πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Tabia Za Madem Wa Kanairo (Kenya)

But there’s nothing wrong with this attire.

Christianity is just becoming a desperate religion. This is the future. A generation with No moral limitations & religious boundaries. You condemn/judge her because an institution (church or law ) said so.

I think Christianity hence Christians is a weaker class & they aren’t motivated by truth, but rather they just want power & control. All this religious institutions should be disbanded & free spirits should craft new morals to help navigate the future.

Otherwise most current humans will forever think poor & die poor I.e like my uncle who quit jobΒ  because he was told to go to work on Saturday.

My only problem with morality is that, IT IS BASED on church, which is just but the knowledge of early men, it is not based on wisdom from experience of the ever changing world.

Hate me or love me but I stand for humanity freedom. Freedom off the moral limitations & religious boundaries.

Otherwise We can’t/won’t entirely be who we were meant to be as humans.

By; Anonymous

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