Photos: A Lady Gets Married To Photo Of Her Lover On Facebook! 🎯🀣🌾

Facebook Marriage Exposed

Wonders will never end see photos of a lady married to a frame photo her man.

Netizens have reacted to photos of a lady getting married to a framed photo of her lover due to his absence.

The two lover birds are reported to have met on Facebook and agreed to the marriage after series of chats and phone calls.

The sent the money and his photo for the wedding occasion since he is much occupied abroad where he resides.

Later on after the wedding occasion, the photos were shared on a Facebook group by one lady who attended the ceremony.

Here are some reactions by a few Netizens about the event;

Anthony Enwere wrote:

β€œIt is possible, because the guy may not have his documents that will him returns back to his base if he returns home. That is how he wants it. Living in abroad is not a easy ooo. Lots of processes.”

Emmanuel Arome wrote:

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β€œYes !! Base on ur disposition , he sent enough more, my view, if is scam or not real will he sent those millions , commonsensically speaking , he lives in diaspora ,may be the nature of the job won’t permit him so , married is all about agreement and trust.” 

Marcel Amanda Adaora wrote:

β€œDesperate times calls for desperate measure.. The girl wanted marriage and she got it.” 

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