Photos: Lesbian Couple Marriage Ceremony That Has Left Netizens In Dilemma!

More than Twenty-eight nations, including the United States, have allowed same- Sex marriage, while civil unions are recognised in many other Western democracies that do not accept marriage equality as a legal option.

The spread of LGBTQ+ rights has been unequal throughout the world and In spite of this, same-s.e.x marriage is still prohibited in many countries, and International institutions, like the United Nations, have passed resolutions in favour of LGBTQ+ rights; however, human rights organisations claim that these bodies lack the authority to implement these decisions.

Here are some stunning photos of lesbian couples that have made some ladies want to join the league of lesbian couples. These photos has gone viral on social media platforms.

Although, this is not common in many African countries because many African nations sees same s.e.x marriage as taboo.
This immoral influence of the Western world to us African is killing with so much of our ignorance. Never would thought that this LGBT bills would be passed into law for any reason.

Though many netizens were against it, some still applauded it claiming it’s all about choices.

See their photos below;

Do you still love or feel affections with the opposite gender?

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