Masturbation! And How It Can Affect You Psychologically

masturbation is the act of one giving himself or herself sexual pleasure.

A study has shown that most People both married and unmarried people are enslaved in masturbation.

Masturbation can lead to addiction like the one that is caused by drugs. But their is a major and common effect caused by masturbation and it is not a physical but ruther a psychological one.

The psychological effect of masturbation affects both men and women, in men it brings about psychological erectile dysfunction.

This psychological erectile dysfunction means that a man can only have and maintain an erection during masturbation, but he cannot maintain or experience any erection when he his trying to get intimate with a woman.

Women who have been affected by masturbation psychologically get bored when having sex and don’t get the pleasure they want during the act hence enjoy doing masturbation ruther than engaging in sex.

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