Quick Tips How To Drive Women Crazy Easily! πŸ’ƒπŸ˜˜

It’s has been in thoughts of most men that women are somehow outrageous but trust me, it’s all because of you! If your man is driving you crazy then trust me, you’re not alone.

Below is a lost of some crazy things men do to their women that drive them crazy;Finding Excuses

. Finding Excuses

Some men are into escaping the real problem by coming up with funny excuses, are a big turn off.
We like it when men actually man up, apologize and makeup for what they did. Excuses are a true sign of weakness since your are escaping from something you’re not brave enough to face. Definitely a sign of weakness!

  • Being Late

The issue with timing is a another big problem with ladies. They never like waiting.. If you tell us you will show up at 8pm then show up at that time! Not really hard, is it? Do you
have any idea how long it takes for a girl to get ready for a night out? Ladies put alot of effort to prepare themselves just to look good and impress you when you go together for an outing.

  • Taking us for Granted

Video games, hanging out with friends or playing football are some activities that grab your attention to your women.

Ladies don’t like a man who never have a little time for them. So, I mean do your activities in right time to also allow enough time for your lady too.

You should know her worth and show it to her as much as you can. I’m not saying you should hang around together the entire time, but not paying enough attention can literally drive us women insane.

  • Boring Men

Men are the first bread winners in families and also to your relationship, a man need to be the pioneer of most achievements of his relationship.
Most women like to look up to their men. It’s always nice to feel like you’re a little achiever. Success is sexy! We tend to feel more secure with a man who has ambition. We are more satisfied with a man who knows
what he wants and how to get it. A boring man with little interests or undecided ones about his future can confuse us big time.

  • Never Calling Back
    The issue with communication is a key thing to drive any relationship. Ladies need to get engaged and told the truth. If you need a little time off, make sure you communicate it your woman.
    Disappearing shows how childish and immature you are. When we call and you can’t pick up, just let us know if you’re busy or if you don’t feel like talking. That simple! If we call you, we expect you to call us or text us instead of just ignoring.
  • Belittling Us

Some women don’t like the issue of men funning with their choices.
Never ever make fun of who we are, what we wear, or what we do. Even if it’s in form of a joke, you better keep it to yourself. Our choices, careers, or sense of fashion for example is not a laughing matter.

A man must master the feelings of his women and give it as much attention as it should be.
Failure to that, it’s a total risk of loosing that lady as sample as that since it shows you got no interest with her.

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